​Where to Buy

In a nutshell, we're a hand-crafted spirit made with heart.

​​​There's a movie quote that holds a special place in the heart of every Iowan -- "If you build it, they will come." Field of Dreams has long captured the heart and imagination of everyone who sees it and, like the movie, we hope every bottle of our whiskey warms your heart and keeps you coming back for more.  

A blend of Iowa corn, Midwestern rye, barley and barley malt, our 3-Oaks recipe is as unique and bold as its name.  The finished product speaks for itself -- meticulous care going into its development by an aging process in oak barrels that provides just a hint of apple wood to its taste.    

Double-distilled to refine its flavor, our whiskey is appreciated by those with discriminating tastes. Like that baseball field that emerged out of corn, we appreciate your support of a local distillery and a product made with heart in the heartland.  

Thank you for supporting local.

What makes 3-oaks whiskey special?

Available at Hy-Vee and liquor stores across Iowa, distribution of 3-Oaks Whiskey is growing by the day.  If you're having trouble finding it, let your local grocery or liquor store know that you're interested in seeing it on their shelves.  

Because we believe that 3-Oaks Whiskey stands alone -- that's how we approach our distillery.  As the only product in our line, we can dedicate our entire focus to refining its taste and offering the highest quality product possible.  

​The One and Only​​

Family-owned and operated

The team at 3-Oaks Whiskey is small -- even smaller if you don't count the 3 oak trees that inspired its name.  Chuck Westphal sought out to develop an exceptional product that stands out from the rest and takes great pride in every batch of whiskey that leaves his distillery.  

With his wife, Linda, retirement is now spent looking out onto the rolling hills of Iowa from their front porch, enjoying their grandkids, and, of course, talking whiskey.